“Aptech’s curriculum has given me the edge to start my career.”
  • IgeOlukoyaKehinde (MCSE & CPISM)
  • Joined : Seafoods Nigeria Limited
  • Designation : System Engineer
“Being an Aptech student has given me the edge I need in Information Technology. I have applied the deep practical technology ideas to work, through practical training I learnt at Aptech.”
  • David TaiwoAdenrele (HDSE)
  • Joined : Multilinks Telecommunications Ltd
  • Designation : System Administrator (ISP)
“Aptech Computer Education is one of the leading ICT training Company in the world. Attending courses here has been an added value in terms of exposure and infrastructure. The environment is friendly, so I would say to the workers, keep it up!”
  • BabalolaTaiwoAbiodu (ACCP)
  • Joined : Royal Exchange Plc
  • Designation : Deputy Manager
“Before coming to Aptech, I only knew little about programming languages but now I’m able to see the usefulness of these programmes into different fields and I’m really glad I’m here. The Faculty is good and the environment is quite conducive.”
  • AdeleyeYetundeOlubunmi (ACCP)
  • Joined : Standard Alliance Life Assurance
  • Designation : Marketing Executive
"Aptech Computer Education has a good and conducive learning environment and the Faculty is excellent. Aptech Maryland offers participants the best training. I would say ‘Keep up the good work Aptech!"
  • Louis E. Bridget (ACCP)
  • Joined : CHI Ltd.
  • Designation : Deputy Manager
“Aptech Maryland is a blessing. It gives you the opportunity to get your IT knowledge fast and efficiently. The faculties are very friendly and ready to ensure that students understand the program. Aptech impacts seriousness into the minds of students. I would advice my enemy to join Aptech then maybe he can become my friend.”
  • Suberu A. Micheal (ACCP)
  • Joined : Peamay International Limited
  • Designation : Client Services
“At Aptech I was taught exactly what I needed in the IT job market. I was able to cope with all the jobs I was assigned to, from the fundamentals of computers  to software programming. Aptech has all it takes to make students have an edge over others. If I am chanced, I will come back for my Higher Diploma. Aptech really changes’ lives.”
  • Akomolafe Clement. O (DISM)
  • Joined : Cyberchamp General Services Ltd
  • Designation : Web/Lan Specialist
“There were a few doubts when I joined Aptech at first, as time went by I discovered that not only was it worthwhile financially, it was also worthwhile intellectually.”
  • OjoOlusegun E (BTEC-HND)
  • Joined : Multilinks Telecommunications Ltd
  • Designation : Call Center Executive
“Aptech is an institution to recon with. When it comes to standard, they donot compromise. Aptech has always moved up to date with current changes in IT globally. The hands employed are competent and versatile in their various fields. I have recommended Aptech IT training to many people. When you talk of Aptech, you talk of IT!”
  • MrsOlawunmiIdwimoh (Oracle 10g OCP)
  • Joined : Nigerian Airforce
  • Designation : Personal Assistant
“Aptech is a deep seated organization with insight into the future for any standard of people ready to delve into the (IT) Information Technology industry to build up individuals and the nation at large.”
  • Kure Sunny (Oracle 10g OCP)
  • Joined : Medipath Healthcare Ltd
  • Designation : Financial Director
“I learnt the latest technologies like ASP.NET, J2EE, etc. at APTECH. The experience and projects being given at Aptech enables me to stand out amongst my colleagues in my organization.”
  • Joseph OlusegunOlukayode (ADSE)
  • Joined : E-Top Nigeria Ltd
  • Designation : Chief Engineer
“What more can I say than to Thank God for directing me to study at APTECH. It has opened many doors of outstanding job opportunities.

If you are not studying at APTECH, you are missing a whole lot of opportunities.

  • TemitayoAkinwumi (ADSE)
  • Joined : Spring Bank plc
  • Designation : Java Programmer (IT)
“I will always appreciate Aptech anytime, any day. For Aptech, I would say thanks for training and knowledge imparted on me and for my Counselor Sindret, a big thanks. She is such a good Customer Service Executive . I would not forget to say Kudos! to my Faculty, Mr. Philip.”
  • Onwubuariri Margret N. (Oracle 10g OCP)
  • Joined : Errand Express Ltd.
  • Designation : Human Resource Officer
“ Aptech brought about the future”
  • Kevin Ebuehi (ACCP)
  • Joined : Tavia Technologies Limited
  • Designation : Software Developer
“First of all, Aptech Certifications are tangible. Since I joined Aptech, I have been more enlightened about IT and I’ve got no regrets. Aptech has given me reliable validation of training and experience that has accelerated my professional development and enhanced my credibility. I’m proud to be an APTECHite!”
  • ShekoniAbiola (ACCP)
  • Joined : Imagine Enterprise
  • Designation : Marketing Manager
“My time at Aptech has enhanced my Credibility and has secured me a career in IT.”
  • John Onwuegbuzie (ACCP)
  • Joined : Gran Unique Chem Ltd.
  • Designation : System Administrator
“Aptech Maryland is a warm environment. There is a Teacher-Student relationship which makes me want to wake up and learn. Aptech is indeed a place to be.”
  • TitilayoEnitanEweje (DISM)
  • Joined : Synthax Consulting Limited
  • Designation : Software Developer
“Aptech Maryland is a nice institution to acquire First Class IT skills. The Instructors are always ready to offer students all the assistance they need. I sincerely recommend Aptech Maryland Centre to all who require adequate IT training.”
  • AyodejiHamed (ACCP)
  • Joined : AyinkeRadilological Centre
  • Designation : Administrative Manager
“What I enjoy most about Aptech is the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge I learnt”
  • Salami WaheedTunde (ACCP)
  • Joined : Multilinks Limited
  • Designation : Call Centre Executive
“It is the start-off point for those who want to go to the cyber world”
  • Levinson Ayetuoma (ACCP)
  • Joined : Office Max Nigeria Limited
  • Designation : System Analyst
“I am very happy for how Aptech has really changed my life. My one year course at Aptech has secured me a job and I donot know how to say thank you. I am grateful. God bless Aptech.”
  • OlogunoyeOlukayode (ACCP)
  • Joined : Wellington Hotel Limited
  • Designation : Information Technology Officer
“I express my appreciation to Arena Multimedia for getting me employed. Its actually been life changing studying at Arena Multimedia.”
  • Emmanuel OlsjideAmodu (Arena Animation)
  • Joined :Daamini Media Services Ltd.
  • Designation : Trainee Animator  
“My story of life-changing experiences cannot be complete without mention of the Arena Multimedia’s Animation course. It has not only satisfied my quest to know how animated movies are made, but has also equipped me to be a better Multimedia & Graphics teacher.”
  • Uchenna E. Kanu (Arena Animation)
  • Joined : Industrial Design Department, Federal University of Technology, Yola
  •  Lecturer
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